Medecins Du Monde – Greece (MDM – GRC) has been an essential part of the humanitarian response in some of the most serious emergencies in recent history. To continue doing this, we need to have people who share our vision, and want to make a positive change along our side.

MDM – GRC recruits both medical and non-medical volunteers that bring professional abilities, practical experience, as well as a commitment and concern for the people they assist.


Please read all of the information carefully before submitting your application.

  • Availability
    Depending on the nature of each project, missions can last from 1 to 12 months. For all Emergency responses, our volunteers generally remain on the field for a period of 1 to 3 months and for the Humanitarian and Development interventions, 9 to 12 months.
  • Ability to live and work as a team in a diverse environment
    MDM – GRC field volunteers live and work together. The hours may be long and the living conditions may be of basic level. The ability and willingness to interact with people of all nationalities and cultures is essential. Your ability to be flexible and adaptable is critical to your success on an MDM – GRC mission.
  • Language skills
    Language skills are a strong asset. English and French are the main working languages in our missions. Knowledge of Spanish and/or Arabic is considered an asset.
  • Computer Skills (MS Office)
  • previous experience in a similar field will be highly appreciated


Medical Personnel
Doctors / Medical Coordinators
Medical doctors are engaged to a double role. On one hand, they undertake the medical care of the patients and on the other hand they have educational, administrative and coordinating duties. The administrative competences include the supervision and the education of the local sanitary staff, planning and coordination of medical projects, oversight of procurement (medicines and medical consumables), pharmacy management and medical supplies and reporting on medical activities..
MDM-GRC is particularly seeking for pediatricians, anesthetists, surgeons, gynecologists and infectious disease specialists.

Registered nurses provide primary health care, establish and manage health posts, outpatient clinics and hospitals, plan and implement vaccination campaigns, etc. Training, supervising and managing local nursing staff or community health providers is a key responsibility.


Non Medical Staff
Project Coordinator
The basic duty of the Project Coordinator in general, is the overall supervision of the implemented activities. Within his/her responsibility are the following:

Planning project activities, Staff management (expatriate volunteers of MDM and local staff), Contact with local authorities, UN, International Organizations and other NGO’S, Contact with donors in the field, Assessment and observation of work development.

Administrative / financing managers
The basic duty of an administrative manager in a mission is financial monitoring of the activities in the field, the collection of the data and other relative documentation. Within his / her responsibility are the following:
Control of budget & Financial reporting, Accounting & Wage management, Planning of project activities, Contact with local authorities, UN , International Organizations and other NGO’S, Contact with donors in the field.


Logistician / Technicians
Logisticians / Technicians coordinate the purchase and transportation of supplies, both locally and internationally, oversee transportation and communications equipment use and maintenance and are responsible for the technical and functional support of the programs, which includes among others:

  • Buying of supplies from the local market
  • Storehouse management
  • Observation of constructional work

They are also responsible for security protocols. Their duties include frequent interaction with local authorities and organizations.


What MDM – GRC covers

During a mission MDM – GRC undertakes to cover:

Insurance: Medical Insurance and Repatriation with emergency air transportation when it is necessary
Compensation: All volunteers receive a compensation amount that depends on his / her state in the mission as well as on his / her professional experience in the certain field.
Monthly benefit (per diem): The volunteer receives a monthly benefit in order to cover his personal expenses during the mission. This benefit is calculated based on the cost of life in the country’s mission.
Moving expenses to and from the field



Selection procedure
The selection procedure is as follows:
If you feel that you meet our general and specific requirements you can send us an email with the indication “Express of interest, Medical or Non Medical Personnel”, at, along with the following documents:

  • Motivation Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae that will not exceed 2 pages.

Please note that all documents must be in English