With your help, Médecins du Monde has managed to provide the Ukrainian people with more than 67 metric tons of humanitarian aid consisting of essential items, food, medicines and health supplies. Thank you!
However, the need for support remains. With your financial support, we will be able to continue to stand by the people in need. We carry on our operations to support Ukrainian citizens fleeing their country, seeking safety away from the horrors of war.


Support the work of Doctors of the World by making a donation in one of the following ways:

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2. Via Web-Banking

By making an online transfer through your bank’s Web Banking to one of our following accounts:

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How do we help?

MdM’s first volunteer mission to the border of Siret in north-eastern Romania started on Thursday 10 March and has since remained at the crossing point with a mobile health unit staffed by volunteer doctors. During these first 20 days, MdM’s medical team has cared for 450 vulnerable people in transit who were in need of urgent medical care, while the doctors have been making visits to the temporary reception facilities to provide medical needs of the refugees.

In addition to their action at the Ukrainian border, Médecins du Monde, from the first days of this new refugee crisis, have made available their Open Polyclinics, housing programmes and their Mobile Medical Units in Athens, Thessaloniki and Kavala, for the immediate care of people arriving in our country, offering psychosocial and material support (food kits to cover basic needs), while a HelpDesk is operating to assist Ukrainian refugees.

At the same time, one of the priorities of Médecins du Monde is also to provide material assistance to Ukrainian families who have already arrived in Greece to cover the basic needs of the people, while the “A Step Forward” Open Accommodation Centre is already ready to accommodate cases of vulnerable women and mothers with children fleeing from Ukraine to Greece.



Olga is a refugee from Mariupol. She came to our Open Polyclinic in Athens after reading information on an online platform, seeking the services of a pediatrician and a child psychologist for the care of her two underage children. Olga was forced to leave her homeland in the second week of hostilities, seeking safety for her children’s lives. Her husband did not follow them as he stayed in Ukraine due to the imposition of martial law. The family is temporarily hosted by a relative who has no financial means to help them. We provided Olga and her two young children with the services they needed as well as the necessary food and medical assistance, which we will continue to provide for as long as needed. The Social Workers of MdM’s Help Desk provide appropriate social and administrative support for Olga’s family and for the hundreds of cases of Ukrainian citizens who have taken refuge in Greece to date, providing their services on a daily basis in Athens and Thessaloniki, while facilitating their orientation in Greek society.



Every donation is important and helps us to stand by those suffering.

Thank you!

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