We, the undersigned, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other medical personnel, actively proclaiming once again our commitment to the effort we have started since the day that we took our oath, to provide the best possible services to the people, exercising our vocation in the way dictated to us by our conscience and by the medical ethics and without considering the pain, the fatigue or any other physical or mental suffering.

We, who every day experience the suffering of our fellow human beings, living among human beings who have our need and long for our care, making our own their agony, their insecurity, their pain but also their hopes.

We, who deeply worry seeing the everyday alienation of the values in the name of money, exploitation, thirst for power and also of the wish for subordination and withdrawal, which leads to the more and more increased estrangement of one person from the other and to his abandonment to the mercy of his fate.

All we, keeping alive in our minds the Hippocrate’s oath, are organizing ourselves in order to find a way out for our concers and offer our assistance to populations hit by earthquakes, famine, natural disasters, massive accidents or are in war status and more generally, to anyone who, for any reason suffers, physically or mentally.

For these reasons, we set up organization called “Doctors of the World-Greek Delegation” and based in Athens.

Médecins du Monde – Greece is a non-Governmental, independent, financially autonomous Organization, relying on the offer of the volunteers.

Sources of financing:

  • Subscriptions and donations of the members and donors of the organization: this is the fundamental part of the Organization. Members and supporters of the organization, anonymous citizens who support our work daily.
  • Sponsoring from Companies and Institutions: we look for sponsors from companies and other institutions, which will help us support our important programs in Greece.
  • European Union’s Funds, National and International Organization’s Funds: These are the main sponsors for our missions abroad.
  • Bequests: They consist a target and a necessity. They will help to cover the annual functional expenses.

The resources, the most essential part of our activity, come from the anonymous citizens who contribute to the realization of our missions.

Basic priority is given to the reduction of the functional expenses of the offices, the representation expenses and the public relation’s expenses in order that all the income is used for the financing of our missions.

Médecins du Monde acknowledges the importance of visibility awareness of the public opinion about the important issues of humanitarian aid. At the same time though, we fight human exploitation as it is presented to the industry of human marketing for reasons of publicity.

European Transparency Register: 601645244687-08