What is the Open Minds project?
Doctors of the World Greek Delegation through its interventions during the years of both the financial and refugee crisis in Greece has been identifying the gaps and limitations of the existing mental system in Greece. The increased need for provision of mental health and psychosocial support services especially for the most vulnerable who face multiple barriers to accessing the national health system as well as for capacity building and raising aware-ness activities led to the implementation of the project “Open Minds: promoting Mental health and Well-being in the Community”.
The project, implemented from January until September 2018, aimed at tackling the prob-lem of vulnerable populations with mental health issues, both migrants (asylum seekers and refugees) and Greek nationals who are destitute by providing them access to mental and psychosocial support and by ensuring that they can exercise their basic human rights. This was achieved through the provision of necessary mental health care and psychosocial support services, capacity building to the public mental health professionals and data col-lection as well as testimonies through which the inadequacy of the public system will be highlighted.



a) Ensuring access to free and quality mental healthcare services and psychosocial support to the most vulnerable;
b) Proper referrals to secondary healthcare and social welfare structures
when needed, as well as proper follow-up of their case.


a) Capacity building of public sector and NGO mental health professionals through workshops organized by MdM Greece
b) awareness raising activities through data and testimonies’ collection
with regards to challenges and limitations of the current mental health
system in Greece as well as promotion of community mental health and a holistic approach to national mental health sector.

The ultimate goal is to contribute towards Greece taking up its responsibility as an EU country with regards to the EU Framework for Action on Mental Health and Well-Being.
This thorough report presents some of the key findings of the project as well as recom-mendations towards improving the mental health system in Greece.

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