No distance is long enough when it comes to Health

A team of MdM visited Halki, carrying out a preventive medical check-up for the residents, with the vital help of AEGEAN.

Médecins du Monde continues to travel to remote areas of Greece where there is a dramatic increase in demand for basic and primary healthcare services, protecting the human right to unhindered access to healthcare for all.

With the help of AEGEAN, a team consisting of an ENT, Cardiologist, Dentist, Pediatrician and Ophthalmologist, apart from providing medical care, offered prevention services, early diagnosis, health information and awareness, as well as referrals to the public health system for the residents of Halki.

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Celebrating birthday at A Step Forward

The celebration of the birthday, especially of a child, is very important for its smooth personal and social development. Many children of refugee origin who are hosted with their mothers at the “A Step Forward” Open Accommodation Center have never had the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays. So the team, with the help of their mothers and their children, organized parties to celebrate the children’s birthdays, with songs, cakes and lots of dancing.


Vaccinations for socially vulnerable groups

As vaccination is one of the most important tools in the field of disease prevention for the whole society, a large number of our fellow people in Greece continue to face difficulties in accessing the National Health System, resulting in not receiving the necessary vaccination coverage.

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MdM were honored at the KETHEA event

With great honor and pleasure, MdM of the Kavala office received an honorary commendation for supporting the KETHEA in Kavala, at the event held on Friday, October 21, on the occasion of the celebration of 20 years of the KIVOTOS program.

We sincerely thank everyone for the honor and express our warmest congratulations to the life fighters who fought for a second chance at dignity and empowerment, as well as to the therapists for their great work.

MdM remains on the side of all our fellow people.

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M. from Sierra Leone

He was waiting for us early in the morning at the door of our clinic, with a downcast look and a worried expression on his face. Like when we had met him for the first time, when he arrived on Lesvos following the path of migration. But as we approached him, his eyes filled with light and joy. “I’m leaving” he told us.

M. spent a lot of time living in RIC of Lesvos, so much so that it seems like a lifetime. Since our first meeting he was silent and frightened. With great difficulty he was able to tell our social service everything he had experienced up to that moment. He no longer expected anything better for his future. The torture he had survived in his country, his decision to leave, and the difficult journey to reach Lesvos. How many others have gone through the same, but without reaching their destination? What will happen the next day? Where will his family be? M. was overwhelmed by questions that had no easy answers while he was unable to cope with the new circumstances of his life.


Humanitarian Response

Counting already 7 months of continuous action to support the population of Ukraine, more than 15,000 people have directly benefited from the MdM intervention activities, while the indirect beneficiaries are estimated at around 500,000.

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Massive Open Online Courses

As part of the OP.E.N project, Médecins du Monde announced the launch of registration for the Mass Open Online Courses “Psychosocial Support and Psychological First Aid at School”. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are asynchronous courses that are easily accessible and free for all participants.

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Dental care

The dental clinic of the Open Polyclinic of MdM in Athens, operates with the participation of dozens of volunteer dentists of various specialties, addressing the needs of patients, which are often of great importance for their quality of life.

Lately, more and more people are seeking their dental care at the Polyclinic. Usually the financial hardship they face does not allow them to regularly monitor their dental health, while more than a few discontinue their treatment unable to cover the cost.


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