JULY 2022

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Care for displaced persons from Ukraine seeking protection in Greece

The scope of the project concerns the planning, organization and provision of health care and psychosocial support to displaced persons and citizens from Ukraine who are seeking International Protection in Greece or granted Temporary Protection status .

Doctors of the World organizes and operates on a daily basis an integrated and cross-sectoral system of support services focusing on the case management approach, including the individual electronic record of each beneficiary, aiming at the relief and care of displaced persons from Ukraine in Greece.

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Mental Health

Every Wednesday morning the weekly group psychosocial support meeting takes place. A group has been formed consisting of four women residing at the Lesvos Reception and Identification Centre (two are from Congo, one from Cameroon and the fourth woman from Somalia), and the group is facilitated by the psychologist of the Médecins du Monde team.

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Mrs Olga from Ukraine

Mrs Olga arrived in Greece leaving Ukraine behind when the war broke out. She travelled by bus, with no particular destination, only to find safety at a time when hostilities were destroying the town where she lived. She arrived in Thessaloniki almost by chance, in a country she had never visited before and had no friends, relatives or acquaintances.

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Harm reduction and provision of health services with a Medical Mobile Unit

In June, a large number of interventions were carried out with the Médecins du Monde Medical Mobile Unit in places where homeless people or people experiencing a comorbid situation of homelessness with associated chronic health problems and use of psychotropic substances live. The interventions took place in the urban area of Thessaloniki as well as in the Dendropotamos area of Thessaloniki, where there is an increased need for specialized medical services. General practitioners, surgeons, a nurse and a social worker are involved in the interventions and the services provided include screening and clinical examination for chronic health problems, symptom management as well as surgical assessment and medical treatment of wounds in people living in precarious housing conditions and with infected wounds due to long-term intravenous use of psychoactive substances. The MdM team works closely with the Immediate Access Unit of the OKANA.

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Developing a tool to assess the need for psychological first aid to adolescent school pupils

The OP.E.N project aims to create a modernised and adapted mental health first aid tool and guide for education professionals (teachers, school administrative and support staff) and parents-representatives of parents’ associations to identify and respond immediately to mental health emergencies. The overall objective of the project is to promote a framework for a healthier and safer school environment.

The project is implemented by 4 organisations in 3 countries of the European Union: Doctors of the World-Greece (Greece), Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus), Citizens in Power (Cyprus), Syncnify (France).

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Vaccines for All

Médecins du Monde, in collaboration with Intersos Hellas, completed the Vaccines for All programme, for the information, awareness and vaccination against Covid19, of thousands of people who do not have access to the National Health System..
The collaboration between Médecins du Monde Greece and Intersos Hellas started in January 2022 and is part of the broader effort of Civil Society that started with the launch of the vaccination campaign in 2021 for available vaccines for all.

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European Citizen’s Prize 2022 to MdM Greece

Médecins du Monde Greece was awarded the European Citizen Prize 2022 for its response to the humanitarian crisis following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Since the beginning of the hostilities, MdM has been supporting the displaced populations of Ukraine fleeing their country and has so far delivered more than 70 tons of humanitarian aid. The organisation remains at the Romanian border with a mobile health unit, providing first aid and basic health services and information to refugees and those fleeing the war zones. In Greece, MdM provides psychosocial support, material assistance and information to refugees arriving in our country, while through its housing programs and its Open Polyclinics in Athens and Thessaloniki, it covers the health care needs of children, women and the chronically ill.

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Actions for Health

During the month of June our actions were as follows:

  • On 1/6/2022 we visited Palio Primary School with a dentist and volunteers of the Organization to inform students about oral health issues and MDM activities. Also, personal hygiene items were distributed to all students of the school.
  • We participated in the Public Health Week that is organized every year by the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. In the framework of this action we visited with a dentist, an ophthalmologist and volunteers on 8/6/2022 the Foundation for Chronic Diseases of Eleftheroupolis and 20 people were examined by the doctors. On 9/6/2022 at the Rural Health Clinic of Theologos in the Municipality of Thassos, an ophthalmologist of the Organization examined 20 residents and on 10/6/2022 we visited the Rural Health Clinic of Basin in the Municipality of Nestos, where 25 people were examined by the ophthalmologist of the Organization. The examined persons were given free presbyopia glasses and eye drops.
  • On 14/6/2022 volunteers visited the organization PNOI (Breath for the child and the family) and delivered health material.
  • On 22/6/2022 with a dentist and volunteers we visited the Asimakopoulou camp, where refugees of Afghan and Ukrainian origin live and were informed about oral health issues and distribution of personal hygiene items to everyone.
  • We administered vaccines to children in the county without a Social Security number in order to get vaccinated.
  • We sent to the Elderly Care Centers of Kavala medicines and parapharmaceutical material, which we collected from the donations of our fellow citizens.


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