The “Mother & Child” program

The need for free access to health care for women and children is to be supported by MSD via MSD for mothers program. This program will reinforce the existing activities of MDM Greece and will be implemented for 2 years.

Program Activities

1st Pillar

Gynecological and pediatric care to women from socially vulnerable groups and third country nationals, through 70 visits of the mobile medical unit of MDM Greece, in remote areas and open accommodation centers, with the aim to serve 8,400 beneficiaries.

2nd Pillar

Educational content development for sexual health, family planning, Pap tests and STDs for the training of health professionals, and informative courses for vulnerable women, in Greek, English, French, Arabic and Farsi.

Objectives of the Program

  • Provision of medical services to 8,400 mothers
  • Providing pediatric services to infants and children
  • Distribution of baby kits
  • Implementation of 70 visits of the mobile medical unit
  • Development of educational content for health professionals and training of 480 people through the e-earning platform of MDM Greece at:
  • Distribution of information material in 5 languages