Médecins du Monde Greece held a press conference on Tuesday, July 5th, at the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, presenting the results of the “Emergency Intervention for Vulnerable People over 60 years old” program for the period 2020-2021, on the occasion of the renewal of the cooperation and support of the program by the Hellenic Initiative of Canada (THI Canada).



Through the continuation of the program that started as a response to the Covid19 pandemic, Médecins du Monde’s aim has been to provide substantial support to isolated and socially vulnerable elderly people in Greece, providing appropriate services. These services include medical counseling and psychosocial support, home delivery of medications, personal empowerment and remote socialization of beneficiaries through the program’s online application.

As the president of Médecins du Monde, Mrs. Chara Tziouvara, pointed out, “Greece is an aging country, being second in oldest population amongst the 27 EU member states countries, which is estimated at approximately 22% of the country’s national population. Care and protection for the Third Age must be well organized and efficient.”



The President of Médecins du Monde’s Board of Directors, Ms. Chara Tziouvara

The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Ms. Domna Michailidou, graced the event, stating that: “Protecting the health and life of third age citizens age was and remains our main priority. That is why, from the first moment of the pandemic, with the establishment of strict health protocols, we managed to save our elderly. At the same time, by strengthening their skills, providing unobtrusive care and socializing them, we prevent institutionalization. With active policies, we ensure for everyone the quality of life they really deserve.”



The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Ms. Domna Michailidou

As presented by Ms. Athena Greka, pathologist-gerontologist and scientific manager of MdM’s program “Emergency Intervention for Vulnerable People over 60 years old”, during the period 2020-2021, more than 880 elderly people benefited through the program. MdM’s team made 861 home visits, distributing 3.776 medicines and 342 food packages. At the same time, they carried out 835 medical diagnostic tests, while in more than 100 sessions of the Online Companionship (the electronic social networking application of the program), the participants had the opportunity to attend educational seminars, participate in group discussions and also receive counseling from qualified MdM staff.



Ms. Athena Greka, Pathologist-Gerontologist and Scientific Manager of the program and Neti Filia, reporter



Mr. Ioannis Alexandropoulos, beneficiary of the “Emergency Intervention for Vulnerable Persons 60+” program

Ms. Sophia Alymara, mandated Regional Councilor for Social Welfare Issues also graced the event, on behalf of the Region of Attica. The Honorary Director of the Hellenic Initiative of Canada, Mr. Robert William Peck, and Mr. Paul Kidner, Senior Advisor of the TIMA Charitable Foundation, also participated, representing the institutions that have been supporting the program, highlighting the vulnerability of the Third Age, as shown by the pandemic Covid19. Closing, on behalf of the Municipality of Piraeus, the Deputy Mayor of Public Health & Social Services, Mr. Kyriaki Bourdakou, referred to the need for cooperation and the exchange of good practices between local government, agencies and Civil Society, in order to advocate for the care of our elderly fellow citizens.
The press conference was moderated by journalist Neti Filia



Mr. Robert William Peck, Honorary Director of the Hellenic Initiative of Canada



Mr. Paul Kidner, TIMA Charitable Foundation Senior Advisor


Ms. Kyriaki Bourdakou, Deputy Mayor of Public Health & Social Services (Municipality of Piraeus)


About “Emergency Intervention for Vulnerable People over 60 years old”

Médecins du Monde’s program “Emergency Intervention for Vulnerable Persons over 60 years old” is a socially innovative program aimed at the care and support of the socially and economically vulnerable, elderly people who, due to the restrictive measures for the protection of public health from the Covid19 pandemic, they found themselves even more isolated than before. Promoting an alternative model of social services for the support of the Third Age Persons within the urban fabric, health and psychosocial support professionals of MdM, carry out home visits in the context of providing material assistance and health and hygiene counseling. At the same time, they utilize new technological means, with a focus on strengthening the digital skills of these individuals, in the context of remote counseling and psychological assistance, through group or individual sessions with the distribution of tablets and the use of the “Online Companionship” electronic application. For the 2020-21 period, the program was funded by the Hellenic Initiative of Canada and TIMA Charitable Foundation.