even pennies and cents could make a difference

Solidarity is the only “antidote” to poverty. Doctors of the World – Greece, once again, are requesting your valuable support that is needed in Greece of 2012, which is currently experiencing the alarming effects of an escalating Humanitarian Crisis. We are collecting once again, food and medicines. Your slightest financial support though will be more than valuable, as in today’s world even pennies and cents can contribute towards making a difference!  

Today, more and more Greek nationals are seeking assistance from Doctors of the World. Numbers speak for themselves: 62% of the patients served in the Polyclinic of MDM in Thessaloniki during the 9 first months of 2012, were Greeks. Of Greek nationality was also the 30% of the patients in Chania, while the percentage of the Greek beneficiaries in Athens, exceeded 20%, a number twice as high compared to 2011. Finally, the number of patients of the Polyclinic in Perama during these first nine months has already reached 5,000, which unfortunately was the overall number for the whole of 2011. 

Greece today reflects images of despair. Everyday, more and more Greeks come to us looking for both medical aid and coverage of their nutritional needs. This rapid growth is one of the immediate and visible effects of the financial crisis that we are experiencing. The overall daily needs are countless, but we also have to face sometimes with individual cases that require specialized care, which can be expensive. Therefore, Doctors of the World – Greece, lead by the needs of our beneficiaries are launching a new campaign, collecting both donations in kind such as food and medicines, as well as any possible financial support, acknowledging the difficulties that everyone is currently facing. 

Without any discrimination of any kind, Doctors of the World – Greece stands by every person that is in need. Greeks and foreigners, unemployed, children and elderly, homeless persons, persons with disabilities and all other individuals with limited or no access to social and medical infrastructures.

During the Press Conference that was held by MDM in order to present the new campaign “Dignity Savings”, MDM’s refusal to segregate its patients was highly emphasized. Specifically, Dr. I. Mouzalas, member of the Board of MDM, stated: “In spite of the times, MDM refuses to discriminate patients and to categorize them into Greeks and foreigners, denouncing the use of humanitarian aid as a tool of hatred.”

Even the smallest contribution is valuable for us, in order to continue providing humanitarian aid and medical care to those in need.                                                        

Doctors of the World – Greece would like to gladly announce that we have integrated the Paypal system in our payment methods. Please visit our web page for further information: http://www.mdmgreece.gr/en/Make-a-donation/ 

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